I remember it as though it was yesterday. As a child I used to come to Kochi with my parents. Running around the Marine Drive and the Subhash Park, I would not think of going back home till my parents would tell me it’s time to leave. When we get home after a long tiring journey, the joy of the trip would have lost somewhere. Today as I walk along the busy and tedious ways of Kochi, I realize that Change is the only changeless thing in the world! I have seen Kochi as a child, as a teen ager and as an adult and have remained an admirer of her charm and elegance. She has always been a classic example and hallmark of constant growth.
Sit for a moment and try to remember the changes you have noticed in Kochi. Things, places, people.. Are you sure everything was the same a decade or year ago? You have struggled, you have adjusted and compromised with these changes and you have found out an incredible you out of all these. To be constant or static could be suffocating. Yes, to bring in a change, we have to accept and adapt it. You have to be an agent of the change that you wish to happen.

 No more Traffic Jams!!

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 Kochi, the business capital of Kerala and the focal point of tourists around the world is going to showcase a parade of surprises with the advent of the ever cherished Kochi Metro Rail Project. Gone are the days you sit in a bus or car or on a motor bike cursing the amount of time you lose every day in the rush hours. The project envisions improved citizens’ mobility that will in turn enhance the economic growth and improved quality of life. It is possible only by providing an alternate mode of public transport to access jobs, business, education, livelihood, entertainment and other social activities. The Kochi Metro is sure to change the face of this rapidly growing city first of all by resolving the monotony of traffic blocks.

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Kochi Metro will take people closer to its areas of activity by providing job opportunities for many. Like a heart perfectly functioning with the aid of improved blood circulation, the city is going to be available for everyone. The Metro rail will make the city bit faster and sophisticated as it is expected to replaces six lanes of bus traffic and 22 lanes of car traffic in the city.

The 25 kilometres long Kochi Metro will have its starting point at Alwaye and the proposed ending point is at Pettah. The metro rail will have a station at every kilometre. Escalators will link the elevated stations with the footpath. The world class travel facilities would truly add glitters to the face of the city.

The backwater tourism and the traditional tourist spots would be benefitted with the arrival of the Metro rail. From Aluwye, to Pettah, the Metro would be passing through all the major parts of Kochi. I n turn it would be opening new thresholds of opportunities for all kinds of business and tourism .Being the fastest mode of urban transport, this project will be highly beneficial for the commercial, industrial economic ,cultural, sports, entertainment and educational needs of Kochi. Kochi will no longer be the same mate!!


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