Every one of us makes countless wishes each day. Every wish that is fulfilled will have an impact in our lives. You could be in the middle of a messy traffic block while you long to spend your evenings with your family and kids. You would have missed a very important ceremony in your home or office due to the hurdles at road. Like a kid waiting for the Santa with his gift boxes, you just need to wait till the first metro train in Kerala begins its journey.


Won’t you wish to know how the metro is going to influence your lives? What are its technical features and how Kochians are going to be influenced with its introduction? Let us see. The metro train will have three to six cars and it would be able to carry around two hundred passengers at a time. Forget your daily acrobatic shows on the foot boards of your local bus.
It will take you to your destination in the twinkling of an eye. In the metro, you will be travelling at speed of 50 kmph saving your time and energy for a great deal.
The KMRL will be using a Standard gauge rail of 1435 mm width in the Metro. From station to station the running time will be approximately two minutes, of course better than your local bus trying to overtake the other vehicles on the street.
The Metro rail is not only going to reduce the traffic in the city but it is also going to reduce the pollution caused by the numerous lines of private and public vehicles. The Metro is going to displace cars and bikes on the street once the Metro arrives. It is expected that most of the people would definitely make use of the public transport terminals to reach the Metro stations than depending on their private vehicles.

A great saver of Time

Above all, the total running time from Aluva to Petta will be approximately 50 minutes. Considering the current scenario of Kochi’s traffic systems and the increasing number of vehicles, the Metro is going to make it really big. If you want to travel by road, Tripunithura to MG Road takes 2 hours during peak hours and Alwaye to MG Road takes more than 2 hours. With the coming of the Metro rail, these distances will be covered in 15 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. Imagine the amount of time the KMRL is going to help you save. Be merry, relax and be with your family or wherever you wish to be on a particular time.
The Metro with its coming is not only going to change the face of the city, but also going to change and improve the standard of living of its citizen.

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