922870_567894816565370_1701066670_nWe are extremely concerned about certain reports appearing in some media implying that there is a difference of opinion between Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) & Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) in connection with the arrangement of a casting yard for the Kochi Metro Project. We would like to clarify that both DMRC & KMRL are committed to creating a world-class metro system for the city of Kochi, and are working together to fulfill this dream.

As part of executing the Kochi Metro Project some parcels of land are required to establish the casting yard. Many factors have to be taken into account in finalizing the casting yard. KMRL & DMRC are jointly involved in locating suitable places for setting up the yard. As the work of the Metro is expected to commence in the month of May, this issue is being seriously looked in to by both the organizations in tandem and the same will be sorted out shortly. There is no difference of opinion between KMRL & DMRC on this issue and a joint effort is being made to speed up the process.

Now, as the work is about to begin, it is unfortunate that rumors and speculations are rising which will hamper the smooth progress of the project. We would request you to take suitable action for ensuring that incorrect reports are not put out in the media.

Thank You


Reshmi C R
Manager, Communication


P. Narayanan

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