Kochi is one of the most attractive tourist hubs in South India.08_VOR_Kochi_360-763462

Tourists would visit Kochi from far and wide and would find the place enjoyable and comfortable, only if they are able to make use of an affordable city transport system. The Queen of the Arabian Sea has many sites of scenic beauty and historical significance worth visiting. It is certain that the tourists would prefer to go the metro way of travelling when it makes its debut in the city. KMRL is being designed, keeping in mind, the utility and contentment of the city residents as well as that of the visitors.

KMRL to add charm to Cochin

Kochi Metro will be an up-to-the-minute mass transportation system, with air-conditioned and pollution-free coaches. The metro will be beneficial for tourists who wish to visit maximum sites in a day. There will not be any heady traffic blocks to hinder their journey to the joys of the city. They will be able to visit places at ease and without getting tired of the comparatively hotter weather of Kochi. We could assume that this would also mean that they would leave the city with contentment and memories to cherish. That could bring them back to us again and again. Easy and comfortable transport system would certainly encourage the ever increasing flow of tourists year after year.

Why prefer The Metro?

The metro would avail speedy transport.

  • Cosy interiors and air-conditioned coaches.
  • Punctual departures and arrivals
  • Highly affordable
  • Stress-free journey


How KMRL is going to be the path-breaking tourist attraction

The Kochi metro will be running through the heart of the city day and night. It will lead the travellers like a guide all around the city, as both the local residents and the tourists visiting the city will certainly make use of it. The Metro rail would make life in the city lively and dynamic. Without staining the inherent fresh greenery of the city, the Metro would welcome and entertain the visitors hailing from all over the world. Kochi is an unbeatable place with her scenic beauty and hang out spots. KMRL is sure to make it much happier and worthy with it assurance of comfort and ease.

The coming of KMRL to Cochin would be accompanied by an epoch of ease and comfort for the already hassled residents of the city and the tourists who get exhausted with the city traffic. Easy ride, quick reach to one’s destination and no need to inhale polluted air will definitely make KMRL a well-liked and trendy mode of rapid city transport.

Kerala, popularly known as the God’s own Country has much in her abode to refresh and rejuvenate any tourist. KMRL affirms us a bright future in a global sphere where development would mean to improve one’s own infrastructures and spreading those songs of harmony and culture. Let us wait for the moment, let us spread out our wings to the wide sky of progress and delight.

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