Kochi metro is an initiative to make a change in the society. Metros promote a culture, a culture that cares others. As part of its efforts to make the metro rail commuter-friendly, the Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) will appoint a nodal officer to ensure that the system of mass rapid transport is sensitive towards women, disabled persons and senior citizens. DSC_2004
KMRL MD, Shri. Elias George IAS said that a Metro Advisory Group comprising of eminent persons from sectors such as hospitality, industry and architecture would also be formed. The group will offer suggestions on how to improve the metro system and raise concerns, if any, about the project.
MD is of the view that metro would give a tremendous facelift to the city. “It will also increase the civic sense of people, like what happened in Delhi,” he said. It had also resulted in Transit Oriented Development (TOD) around the metro corridors.
On the cultural changes metros would bring about, Shri. Elias George IAS said
“Around the world, most metros are not profitable, except in places such as Hong Kong. But the biggest change the metro brings about is in the behaviour and cultural pattern of the people. Across the world people seek modernity and hence the revenue alone is not what matters. The metro also brings about tremendous economic growth. In Hong Kong, authorities made commercial use of the vertical space atop metro station buildings. The metro also increases the relative value of land. In Kochi, it would increase the value of land at Muttom and Palarivattom”
He also spoke on how the Urban Metropolitan Transport Authority (UMTA) would streamline and boost public transport in the city through the extended support of the civic agencies such as the Greater Cochin Development Authority and Kochi to the project.
Kochi we see today is leaping towards a wholesome change, not just in aesthetics but also a behavioural one. Kochi metro is the basis to this tremendous change and it’s not too far. Let’s look forward to it.

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