Image: Dubai Metro

To codify a common transport system for Kochi, unifying all modes of transport, the Government has approved the implementation of Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority committee under the control of KMRL.

The committee under the chairmanship of KMRL MD, Shri. Elias George IAS comprises of 17 members including the District Collector as Member secretary and other members from the Corporation and GCDA.

The authority will have a common command & control on all transportation modes like the waterways, private buses, KSRTC, auto rickshaws, metro rail etc.

In the first phase the committee will work for a unified transport system for Kochi with a common command and control for transport planning and scheduled operations and there by integrating the various transport modes in the city.

Another interesting plan put forward is the common ticketing system. That is, the commuter can travel on any public transport system with the same ticket. It’s a dream come true if you can carry a single card and use it on metro, bus, boat and taxi, isn’t it?

Initially, the authority will take necessary steps to connect the various residential zones in the city. As part of it the bus routes in the city will be re-scheduled. According to studies, the existing bus routes do not really benefit most residential areas. The difficulty is that the roads near the residential areas are considerably narrow. The authority is on a move to use waterways in all possible places.

The unified transport committee is not just for Kochi. Kochi is among the 10 cities where such a committee is planned by the country’s urban ministry.

The authority aims to implement an integrated transport system for Kochi before the commissioning of Kochi metro. It is a joy that Kochi metro brings along many other facilities which lifts the standard of the city to a world class one.

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