Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) will not only run the Metro in three years but is also going to make the city greener and pollution- free.

Kochi is one of the most popular commercial hub and a tourist paradise in Kerala.  According to estimated figures, Present Population of Kochi city is 624,859. There are more than 2,277,620 people living in Total Metropolitan Area of Kochi. Think about the number of vehicles for these many people. The number of vehicles in the city has increased from 95,488 in 2010 to 1,11,284 in 2011. As on August 31, 2012, the total number of vehicles registered in Ernakulam is 5,38,712. The studies pointed out that two-wheelers constituted the major share of vehicle population in the district with a share of over 59%. With the above statistics, can you imagine how much pollution are we causing to our small city?Green-Metro

Metro rail, as we all know, when commissioned, can reduce approximately 80% of the pollution caused by vehicle. This can only be possible if more people use public transport system. And that is exactly what our Government is aiming at. They are literally shaping up a new Kochi. The existing public transport modes like buses, auto rickshaws, boat services, etc., will all be modified, so as to benefit the most to the commuters who rely on it.

Not just that, KMRL is also on a move to make the city greener. KMRL will launch a three-layered environment conservation programme soon with the support of green groups, NGOs and big corporates. A detailed project report and budget for this green initiative will be finalised soon.

The first part of the programme will be distributing saplings to major institutions including schools, colleges and offices in the city. The KMRL is also planning to partner with public sector companies and other big institutions in the state which have vast areas of vacant land. “We, along with big institutions across the state, will plant trees in the available land and will nurture them.

The programme has much significance as environment activists have raised serious concerns over the possible loss of green cover to make way for the Metro project. Nearly 467 trees in various parts of the city have to be cut for the project.

Imagine, A smarter Kochi with efficient, most modern facilities that too without losing the city’s beauty. Being the real ‘Queen of the Arabian sea’ is not too far.

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