Kochi Metro will change the way the city is being perceived by outsiders and it will prove to be a lever for reinventing the city.

This will also lead to the integration of all forms of transportation in the city, which is a basic condition for the project sanction. There are plans to set up two townships in the city including Muttam and Kakkanad. The townships will have facilities for housing, trade, entertainment and employment opportunities. As part of encouraging pedestrians, footpaths will be constructed at the township. There will also be facilities for cycling and gathering of people.

The next KMRL board meeting will discuss about the consultancy of the project. The consultancy will be selected based on their international reputation.

An idea box has been created on the website of the Kochi Metro to enable the public to post their suggestions. Though some of the Metro rails are not running on a profit, the branding of the cities will bring in more investments. An out of the box revenue is essential for the smooth functioning of the metro. Not just that, The city’s infrastructure should be development so as to make metro at most useful for the commuters.

There are plans to link the townships with waterways available in Kochi. The timings of Metro, water transport and buses will be linked enabling the passengers to use these mode of transports without waiting at each station.

For all the mode of transport, one ticketing system will also be introduced. A project will be submitted to connect the water transport with Metro to Fort Kochi, Mattancherry and Vypeen areas.

These are expected to be done with the commissioning of Kochi Metro. Thus, Kochi Metro is not just a new commuting system; it is a catalyst for the overall development of Kochi.

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