It has been brought to our notice that a news item has appeared today indicating that the pillars of the Kochi Metro Rail system would be turned into artists’ canvasses.
It is clarified that this proposal does not have the approval of KMRL, as it is not feasible to implement it as presently proposed; on account of the possible danger of traffic distractions to drivers along the roads below the Metro viaduct. It is on account of this traffic distraction hazard that the pillars of other Metro projects in the country as well as worldwide have not been turned into artists’ canvasses.

1043913_595199513834900_1172373062_nHowever, KMRL does have a plan to plant shrubs along the central median as well as to form vertical gardens on selected Metro pillars.

KMRL’s primary commitment is to the safety and security of the Metro and the related road traffic system. At the same time, KMRL is keen to ensure that the Kochi Metro Rail system is unique in a cultural, architectural and artistic sense. Consequently, KMRL would actively pursue a proposal to have works of art and murals on display in the station buildings and other selected areas, highlighting Kerala’s traditions, culture and art forms, without compromising the strictest safety and traffic norms

In other words, selected locations of the Kochi Metro Rail system would be venues for showcasing Kerala’s culture and art forms; and not the metro pillars, which would pose traffic safety hazards. Such displays and their locations shall therefore be selected in line with global metro safety norms, and keeping in view the specific requirements of the city and state.

This disclaimer is issued accordingly.

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