Empty Conference RoomThe 17th Director board meeting of Kochi Metro Rail will be held in #Kochi on 9th May 2014. The board will discuss the measures to be taken to prepare for the monsoon to continue the work soothed. The meeting will also review the status of the engagement of Quality and Safety Monitoring Consultants and the present status of Social Impact Assessment and R&R Study as well as Environmental Impact Assessment. The 17th BOD will take note of the Government Order appointing Shri. Jitendra Tyagi, Director (Works) DMRC, in place of Shri. S.D Sharma, as Director and appointment of Dr. M G Rajamanickam, the District Collector, Ernakulam, in place of Shri. Sheik Pareeth; as Director. The board will also review the status of the project and the projection of progress in the coming days.

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