The Metro Rail project’s first 34-meter steel girder was installed over the pier caps above the Ernakulam North RoB on Monday night. The steel girder which weighs around 52 tonnes was installed above the railway portion of the bridge. Rail traffic was suspended for more than an hour to facilitate the work.

The second girder will be placed soon, sources said. “This is the only portion where steel girders would be installed. Prefabricated concrete girders will be used in all other locations. Over the North RoB, the distance between two pillars is extremely long and hence it is impossible to install heavy prefabricated concrete girders here. Hence we chose steel girders in this portion,” said a DMRC official. The girder was manufactured at the Metro yard at Manappattiparambu. Even though the concrete girders for the Aluva-Kalamassery stretch are ready to be installed, it could not be realised so far because of logistics issues. Owing to the renovation works at the PWD road leading to the HMT casting yard, the DMRC contractors are unable to transport girders and pier caps from the yard to the site where the metro rail allignment works are being carried out.

In total, 2565 piles, 290 pilecaps, 199 piers and 41 piercaps have been set so far from Aluva to Vyttila.DSC_2664

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