The package is ready for Muttom and adjacent Municipalities to mitigate the inconvenience caused due to the construction of maintenance yard for Kochi Metro project. A sub committee, constituted in the meeting chaired by Chief Minister consisting of Shri. Anwar Sadath MLA, the District Collector, the Chairman – Kalamassery Municipality, the Chairman – Aluva Municipality and the President – Choornikkara Panchayat as well as representatives of KMRL and DMRC has finalised the plan of action to be taken to address the environmental mitigation problems relating to the Muttom location.

DSC_3446The Kochi Metro Depot is proposed at the Muttom location, and work on the project is now underway.  The people of the locality had raised some concerns regarding the environmental impact of the work on this project.  In this context, the CM had taken a review meeting on 7th May`14, where it was decided to form a Sub-Committee to address the concerns of the local people, relating to the Metro Depot construction, as well as those relating to the Kalamassery Municipality, Aluva Municipality and the Choornikkara Panchayath.  It was decided that the Sub-Committee would propose short-term and long-term measures for addressing the concerns of the area.

Accordingly, the Sub-Committee was formed and  the committee visited the site on a few occasions, and after various meetings, a plan of action has been finalized .

The package of works to be implemented at Muttom include the following:

1.  Construction of new earthen drain along the western boundary depot at present, and a concrete drain later.

2.  Deepening and cleaning of the existing canal on the Eastern side, with the available width from the northern end to the Railway bridge.

3.  The repair and re-carpeting of the existing Madathazham & Harijan colony road.

4.  Rectification of damages caused to the houses, and construction of the new culverts in locations including Kunnatheri Road and Viadkuzha Road.

5.  Providing pipe culverts

6.  Re-arranging of water pipelines

7.  Providing bus bay in front of Company Pady Bus-stop by black-topping

8.  Cleaning of choked culverts

9.  Road widening at Muttom Station


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