Hearing the same complaints, discussing the clichéd problems again and again, the authorities and even the people have only single answer to say, “The Kochi Metro”. The most controversial great Kochi Metro Rail is on its way and everyone is expecting a one on one solution for all mobility difficulties. KMRL repeats the fact that whatever complications and troubles due to Metro are temporary because a final permanent alternative transportation is on progress. The human effort and hard work involved in this project is huge and countless. Kochi Metro is a central – state government project but each and every citizen is directly or indirectly part of this venture. Kochi, the most densely populated city about 601,574 people has to face some challenges and difficulties on the process to achieve a solid result.

Several times, the busy travellers have experienced the extremes of difficulty in transportation and the congested, polluted roads of Kochi have received the curses too. Any traveller who has passed through these roads once at least, has frowned at the authorities for not getting them right on time to their destination. Living and moving in a city like Kochi would give everyone a chance of getting into the traffic jams and huge rush in order to reach the end. Before and after the much delayed Metro Project, the end users – the public had enough headaches, too many fights, talks and debates to make a change in the current situation.

            Today it is clear and evident why the Metro is significant for the smooth movement in Kochi. The under-construction Metro system which comprises of 22 stations, train of three coaches has to meet the travel needs and wants of the public in the city. To make this venture a success on 7th June 2016, the government and private authorities have joined their hands together. Witnessing the gradual development of the Metro gives anyone, some sort of expectations and dreams about a better life. If you count the benefits, advantages and positives of the Metro rail for a city like Kochi, you might ignore the controversies and business purposes behind it. Gradually Kochi is growing up through the Metro and attaining an urbanized postmodern look for the city. In the process of development of the Kochi Metro, the citizens of Kochi must look forward for a better living in all aspects and could count the days of building hope.


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