For the comfort and easiness of all busy travellers in the city of Kochi, the Metro work is on right path of fast progress. Kochi metro, one of the best metros in India will be completed soon as a relief and one on one solution for most of the transportation pDSC_21881roblems. The metro rail starts from Aluva to Pettah with 22 stations is developing as a passenger friendly metro with 2 metre wide pillars, forming a 10 metre canopy on each side of the road. Currently Metro work status is at pillars ready in the Aluva – Maharaja’s College Ground corridor. Each station of Kochi Metro is planned to have a minimum four elevators and four lifts, apart from the stairs to reach the elevated platforms. All 22 stations will be 81 metre long with platforms on either side.

The construction of elevators and escalators in a way that even people with disability should reach metro platforms easily. Station civil work is developing at Cusat station near Kalamassery where concourse work has also started. All 22 stations on the Aluva- Pettah stretch, kiosks vending food and other items will be located on the concourse itself. Along with it parking space will be provided at each station. To ensure inter -modal connectivity feeder buses will operate from city suburbs to each of the stations. Land Acquisition for entry points (located on road sides) to almost all stations is over. The standardised station structure is finalised, while the exterior designs will have a regional touch based on themes readied by Indian Institute of Architects.

Taking all facts of progress and figures of pillars, girders, pier, and pier caps so far, any citizen would wish to see the successful completion of Metro. Metro started as a dream project faced so many difficulties and a lot of hard work to make the bridge to reality today.

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