KMRL had assigned M/s. RITES to undertake a feasibility study regarding possible metro extensions, as part of Phase II of the Kochi Metro Rail Project.  Accordingly RITES have conducted studies of three prospective routes: JLN Stadium to Kakkanad, Aluva to Kochi Airport and Angamaly; as well as to West Kochi.The DPR for the JLN-Kakkanad segment has been prepared, while the other DPRs are expected to be finalized shortly. While finalizing the technical details for integration of JLN Stadium – Info Park (via Kakkanad) extension, M/s. RITES proposed that certain works for this extension at JLN Stadium station and at Muttom Maintenance Depot are required to be carried out with the ongoing works at an earlier stage itself as it required technical and structural integration.  Additional funds were also needed to undertake these integration works.

Considering that financing need to be organized, KMRL Board decided that it will be economically beneficial to undertake execution of the JLN Stadium – Info Park extension at this stage itself as the additional ridership and concomitant revenues will help improve financial viability of the project. On the revenue side also, there are projected savings on the project cost as well as the possibility of obtaining additional funds from our funding agency AFD, and hence the compulsion to take up the Kakkanad reach at an earlier stage itself. There have been strong demands from the public as well as MLAs and other elected representatives to take up proposals for Metro extension to Angamaly and West Kochi also.  These will be considered after the DPRs for these routes are prepared and their economic and financial viability scrutinized.


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