Apropos the proposed Metro Village project, it may be clarified that this project is only at a conceptual stage.  We are yet to carry out any land acquisition or earth filling in that area.  A proper Project Report has to be prepared for ascertaining the economic viability of the project.  Moreover, in view of the ecologically sensitive land at Muttom, a proper Environmental Impact Assessment has to be conducted, and an Environmental Management Plan prepared.  If the project is found to be viable and environmentally sustainable, due approvals under the Environmental Acts and the Wetland Laws have to be taken from the concerned authorities and the Government.


It is understood that the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala has ordered that land conversion should be done only with the prior permission of the Court.  After receiving the judgment, we will take consequential action, fully in line with the directions of the Court.  Moreover; in any case, KMRL had no intention to proceed with the Kochi Metro Village project without first establishing its commercial viability, and after conducting the required environmental studies, taking due approvals under the Environmental Acts and Rules, and taking the local population into confidence.


In any case, KMRL’s intention was to establish a `State of the Art’ urban township, which would be completely ecologically friendly with green belts, water bodies, green buildings and other eco-friendly elements.  The intention was to demonstrate that an urban development facility could be set up in Kerala with total consideration for, and sensitivity to, environmental concerns.

high court

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