Looking at Kochi from ten years now, there will be developments in every nook and corners of the city. McKinsey, a global management consulting firm conducted a study on India’s economic geography in 2025: States, clusters and cities states that the growth and progress of the city will not be limited to the basic facilities. There will be numerous changes in various areas of development. Kochi is considered as one of the cities of future global market based on the report of the Mckinsey study. Trivandrum and Calicut are the other two cities in Kerala which is going to be tomorrow’s trade and business markets. McKinsey has selected 49 metropolitan clusters from different states as the growing promises of future. Based on the study, national growth will be determined by these cities from 2012 – 2015. The 49 clusters will provide access to 77% of India’s GDP from 2012- 2025.

Kochi Metro, the pride of Kerala is looking forward for great progress in urban services and infrastructure in the upcoming years. Kochi, the first tier 2 city which is evolving as a future high potential market is already in the list of top cities as per the study by McKinsey. The Kochi Metro Rail Project is an asset for Kerala which paves way for developments in different areas. According to the study, tourism, spices market, ayurveda, business, IT industry, these are the major areas where Kochi will be prominent in its growth. More than a city, Kochi is expanding as the most populous metropolitan area in the country along with the possibilities provided by the Kochi Metro.


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