For all the doubts, questions regarding the pending land acquisition of Kochi Metro, here are the answers for it. Kochi Metro Rail, the people’s metro always understand the issues of the citizens. These are the few questions and answers regarding Land Acquisition from big businesses and others. Metro is for the betterment and development of the state by imparting the world class and most modern urban transportation system in the city.

1) Which are the main businesses whose land is yet to be acquired for metro and how many more acres have to be acquired from them?

Remaining main Businesses and Extent of Land

  • Premier Hotel, Aluva – 0.55 Acres
  • Plenty Developers, Edapally –  1.12 Acres
  • Oriental Timbers, Changampuzha – 0.28 Acres
  • Seematti Textiles – 0.32 Acres

2) Where is balance land acquisition focused on? eg- L.A. problems in narrow corridors like Kaloor. How many more cents/acres? What is total extent of pending LA (in acres)?

Focusing on balance Acquisition

  • St. Martin Jn.  To Kaloor – 0.80 Acres
  • Jose Jn. To South Railway Station – 0.59 Acres
  • Metro Station at South Station – 0.67 Acres
  • Silver Sand area- 0.19 Acres.

3) Apart from delay by Railway in handing over land why is there inordinate delay in LA in Jos Jn-Ekm South overbridge reach, esp Jos Jn.-South Railway station stretch?

Jose Jn. To South Over bridge

  • Out of 35 Cents of land required for land acquisition for the preparatory works of widening station approach road from Jose Jn. to south station already completed and handed over to DMRC except 2.5 Cents.
  • Land acquisition from Jose junction to South railway station is delayed due to change in alignment of the Metro corridor and shifting of Metro station from south Railway station land to Railway station road. DLPC is in progres.

4) When will KMRL’s L.A. report on Vytilla-Pettah stretch be ready?

Vytilla Petta road

  • Land acquisition is being done by PWD.


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