Kochi Metro will be the first metro in our country to have a women friendly metro system. Metro will offer different entrepreneurship schemes for women. KMRL is planning to include women in most of the job posts in metro to provide them safe mobility and travel experience. Priority will be given to women in the posts such as metro drivers,  customer relations, ticketing, call centre etc. At Kochi Metro Rail, the works like customer relations, ticketing, lift maintenance, plumbing, electrical security, coach and station cleaning will be given to women-centric agencies. Cafeteria handled by women, taxi services with women drivers will be there at each station of metro. To ensure safe mobility for women, children and differently-abled Kochi Metro authorities have planned for various initiatives. All the stations of Kochi Metro would be installed with cameras depending on the area of each station to be covered. But on an average 40 cameras would be fixed in each station. There would be different types of cameras as per the requirement in each area. A safe mass transit network is an important index of the livability of a city. And the safety of the three categories mentioned is important for group transportation, where a large number of unrelated people travel together over a near-constant duration over a period. For a highly populated city such as Kochi, the metro will help to make safety procedures considerably accessible and security personnel, approachable. vlcsnap-2014-12-17-12h18m26s25   Women-Centric Safety Measures Personal safety is the most vital element that ranks high on the list of decisive factors for women, when travelling in a public mode of transit. An integrated, gender-sensitive metro and feeder system does not require extra effort; it is just a matter of extra perspective. It is time to think of how to make urban transport smart and gender-inclusive, giving people real choices and real access to opportunity and a better quality of life. A mobile phone and internet-based initiative, Harass Map has been using modern technology to map the incidence of sexual harassment on urban public transport in Cairo. Based on this, a GPS-oriented mobility app for women will be developed to help locate their position in the Kochi Metro coaches and stations, and can be used as an alert call/SMS system, in case of emergency. Proper lighting enhances natural surveillance. To increase visibility and decrease fear, bright lighting would be consistently placed throughout the Metro stations and platforms. Thus Kochi Metro Rail Limited is setting up a women friendly transport system for safe mobility and to have a hassle-free travel experience in the Metro.

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