Why the Colour ‘Aqua Marine Blue’ for Kochi Metro Rail Coaches!

The colour aquamarine blue symbolizes calmness, sophistication and water. The color also represents clarity of mind and it is considered as a friendly colour. It radiates the peace, calm and tranquility of blue and the balance and growth of green with the uplifting energy of yellow.This is a color that recharges our spirits during times […]

Queen of Arabian Sea to have aqua marine blue colored Metro coaches

Kochi Metro will have an aqua marine shade of blue colour for the exterior. The metro will also have the same colour for the general seating complemented with a bright lime light- green for its priority seating and overhead hand grabs. The walls and the ceiling are to have a light grey to balance this […]

Director Board Approval for the deal with Axis Bank

The 21st board of KMRL held in Delhi today approved the selection of Axis Bank to be the partner for Kochi Metro to have co-branded cards, investing the entire funds required for the Automatic Fare collection System (AFC)  including Phase two and also paying an additional royalty of Rs.209 crore to KMRL for the right to […]

Traffic to be diverted as part of KMRL’s Road Improvement Program

The Sadanam Road, Neetipadam Road & A M Thomas Road will be fully closed & traffic will not be allowed from 06:00 AM on 17/04/2015 & 18/04/2015 (WHOLE DAY) as a part ofKochi Metro Rail‘s Road Improvement Program. All the commuters are requested to use cross roads and parallel roads in the area as diversion […]

Axis Bank selected for Cobranded Travel Cards for Kochi Metro

KMRL is delighted to announce that Axis Bank has agreed to invest the entire funds required for the Automatic Fare collection System (AFC) for Kochi Metro system including Phase two as a consequence of an International Competitive  Bid. They will also pay an additional royalty of Rs.209 crore to KMRL over the next 10 years for the […]

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