The 21st board of KMRL held in Delhi today approved the selection of Axis Bank to be the partner for Kochi Metro to have co-branded cards, investing the entire funds required for the Automatic Fare collection System (AFC)  including Phase two and also paying an additional royalty of Rs.209 crore to KMRL for the right to be KMRL’s partner in this endeavour.  Axis Bank will also take care of the entire maintenance of the AFC system for 10 years.

Axis bank will issue co-branded debit cards to the users of the Kochi Metro system.  In addition to this, 20% of Axis Bank’s gross revenues, from the utilization of this Debit Card outside KMRL’s ecosystem in various mercantile outlets and internet transactions, will also accrue to KMRL over the next 10 years.  This is the first time such an innovative model is being launched anywhere in the world connecting the AFC and Smart card ticketing together. This innovative business model, which KMRL has designed, is expected to change funding models for AFC systems in the metro industry globally.

The board also approved the proposal for procurement of Platform Screen Gates for Kochi Metro. Since KMRL has adopted the DC third rail traction and planned for future Unmanned Train Operation, the Passenger Screen Gates system on all station platforms becomes inevitable for safe train operation. The PSG system is essential to minimise operational time delays on account of physical interference of car saloon doors by passengers during rush hours, completely eliminating possible attempts for suicides and homicides on open tracks and also to offer highest safety to passengers, especially for children, women, differently abled passengers and senior citizens using the Metro Rail system. 

  The PSG system planned for Kochi Metro is a half-height (1.5m), 12 doors, panels of length approximately 70m made of aluminium/stainless steel, with adequate space for advertising at the bottom portion of the panel with LED backlights. The cost of PSG system on Kochi Metro for 22 stations is expected to be Rs.66 Crore.  With the provision of PSG system, KMRL will be able to implement UTO (Unmanned Train Operation) system making Kochi Metro one of the most modern Metro in the country.

The board meeting was chaired by Shri. Madhusudan Prasad, Secretary, Urban Development.

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