The work shop being conducted as a part of the technical assistance provided by AFD (Agence Française de Développement), by CODATU, a French Non- profit organization, providing transportation expertise to other countries in collaboration with SYTRAL-LUPA (Lyon Transport Authority and Lyon Urban Planning Agency) on “A mass transit project, an opportunity for urban development” to create a road map for an Integrated Transport System for Kochi city, has started today. O.P. Agarwal, urban transport specialist, inaugurated the work shop.

Shri. Sohan,Chairman of the standing committee for planning, Cochin Corporation, Shri. Gopalakrishna Pillai, Senior town planner, GCDA, Shri. Tomy Cyriac , Chief Consultant, RRTS, Shri. Simon Mathew, Special Officer, Vyttila Mobility Hub, Shri. P.A. Hashim,Special officer, PWD,

Shri. D. Dhanuraj, Director, Centre for Public Policy Research, officials from KSRTC, Regional Transport office , State water transport department , representatives from UMTC and Tata Elexsi were present in the work shop along with CODATU and KMRL officials.

Interactive sessions were conducted on topics like ‘Participative analysis of the Kochi city, outside the metro corridor’ , ‘Construction of a metropolitan area to analyse the interactions of the city with the metro’,‘Definition of a primary network, the metro being the backbone of it’ and ‘Focus on the need for a Comprehensive Mobility Policy, to create an intermodal network and free the city centre from car’. Discussions were also held on ‘how to take metro as an opportunity to revive public spaces’ and ‘how to establish effective connectivity in east –west corridor of the city’ . The workshop will continue till next Wednesday.

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