Today when you think about driving to work, it is not only expensive, but stressful too. Especially if you

are driving alone, on the other hand, think if you have a chauffeur driven vehicle, and all you have to do

is hop in and out at the destination. No worries about parking, fuel, traffic choke. You can read your

email or a long pending unfinished book. There is so much you can if travelling to work was that easy.

Well, we are not talking about car pooling, because it is not a constant solution. Let’s think differently,

it’s a new way of looking how you commute in the city. Kochi Metro rail is here to make it easier for the

people to get around the city.


The Advantages of Kochi Metro

Kochi Metro is Eco-friendly as it will consume less energy, which means no air pollution. The chances of

accidents are zero. Talking about space occupancy the train is efficient as the modern coaches come

with modern system and integrated security system.

At the metro station, you have advanced automatic ticketing system. The driverless train runs on

advanced signalling system, which is another benefit. At the station, you have food outlet, ATM

services and other convenience stores that will make the journey more interesting. This kind of service

was what Kochi longed for years. Every year, thousands of cars added to the already bustling Road in

Kochi. The people of Kochi are looking forward to seeing the Metro rail get operated by 2016. It will

mark a new beginning. KMRL with proper designing has ensured that during peak hours, Kochi Metro

can accommodate 1-2 lakh passenger per hour.

Shri Elias George, Managing Director – Kochi Metro is on the high note that the first phase of

construction will be over as per plan schedule. The only disadvantage he has mentioned is the traffic

congestion due to construction. This will be taken care, as the work has speeded up in most places.

Looking at the larger picture, the people of Kochi have welcomed this with open hands. The long-

awaited infrastructure development has to be taken care. The cost factor is also under control.


Co-branded Debit Cards

Kochi Metro the First in India to introduce Co-branded Debit Cards. In an exclusive agreement, Axis

Bank has agreed to fund the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system during the second phase. The

common man who uses the Metro system will have the chance to obtain a co-branded Debit Card,

which can also be used for mercantile and internet transactions. This Debit Card can be linked to any

bank account of the user. KMRL is also thinking a `click and collect’ system whereby the Metro

commuter will be able to buy goods and order services using this Debit Card, which can be delivered at

our Metro stations. KMRL is also proposing to start a drive for including a variety of local and national

goods and services that can be purchased using this KMRL-Axis Bank co-branded Debit Card.

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