Government of Kerala has approved the proposal of KMRL to make a Rehabilitation & Resettlement package applicable to those who lose living space or livelihood due to the land acquisition for Kochi Metro project as well as for the road widening between Kunnara Park – Petta implemented by KMRL.

KMRL had prepared a detailed R&R policy for those who would be displaced on account of Kochi Metro project and also approached Government of Kerala to approve the policy. KMRL, in the budget, earmarked around 25 crore also for providing the package. Government has already given the approval for the same. Later as KMRL took over the widening of a part of Vyttila -Petta road, a request was made to Government by KMRL to extend the package to those who are affected in this project also.

For the widening of the road from Kunnara Park to Petta, the land requirement is 3.98 acres and Revenue Department has already taken over 62 cents till date.

“We believe that those who lose their land or livelihood due to the metro project, be it the main project or the supplementary work, should be provided with the same benefits “, said Elias George, MD, KMRL

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