edapalliAs part of the technical assistance programme supported by AFD (Agence Française de Développement), in collaboration withSYTRAL-LUPA (Lyon Transport Authority and Lyon Urban Planning Agency), CODATU with the support of KMRL, is conducting a workshop on “A mass transit project, an opportunity for urban development” to create a road map for an Integrated Transport System for Kochi city, from 30th May to 3rd June 2015. This workshop will be organised at the office of KMRL.


CODATU (Cooperation for a Development of Urban Transport in developing countries), a French Non- profit organization, providing transportation expertise to other countries, will assist KMRL in implementing the multimodal integration of all the existing Urban Transport. Patrice Berger, Director of International Activities and Julia Rudolph, Architect/ Urban planner, both from SYTRAL-LUPA, will participate in the workshop. Two representatives of CODATU, Etienne Lhomet and Marion Hoyez will also be part of the workshop. Along with the representatives of CODATU, a 5-member team of AFD will also be present on the first day of the workshop. The AFD team,  comprising Aude Flogny, Director, AFD Regional Office for South Asia, Pascal Pacaut,Director of Asia Department, Marine Karcher, Geographical Coordinator of Asia Department, Nicolas Fornage, Project Officer , all three of them from AFD Headquarters, France and Juliette Le Pannérer, Project Coordinator, AFD Regional Office for South Asia, Delhi will join the work shop and also  review the progress of the project.


With the support and participation of the Unified Transport Authority of the city of Lyon in France called SYTRAL and LUPA, the workshop will focus on the effective integration of all modes of transport with the larger objective of making public transportation the preferred travel mode for all citizens of Kochi, and reducing the number of cars plying in the city.

The need for a comprehensive mobility policy for the city to create a multimodal network, and guidance on implementing this integration plan will be discussed in the workshop. Essential steps for the realization of this policy and improvement of public spaces, particularly around the proposed metro corridor and key interchange points will also be reviewed.

Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (UMTA) is envisaged as an agency which will eventually be responsible for planning, coordination, integration, management and regulation of Kochi’s Urban Transport.

To finalize the road map for implementation of UMTA, the main features and existing issues in the city centre would also be identified. Site visit of the 3 main multimodal hubs: Edappally- Vytilla- St railway station is planned, which will help in recognizing challenges in terms of connectivity and accessibility in these areas. The workshop will also elaborate on the idea of Public Space Policy in the city centre and identification of other pilot projects which are significant in the implementation of a multimodal network.

Invitees from Cochin Corporation, GCDA, local body representatives along the metro corridor, Vytilla Mobility Hub, Town Planning Department, Transport Commissionerate, KSRTC, KSWTD, Police, Revenue, Regional Transport Office, a few NGO’s working in the segment and other few key officials of the State will also participate in the workshop during these 4 days.

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