When life is all about journey, well…a long journey through petals and thorns, however what makes it vary from each person is how we have travelled. It all starts from there, a pretty loud cry, progressing to tiny steps holding someone’s finger. From stumbling walks to fast moves, running after dreams and summits to conquer. There you are!!! Fresh and ripen for an independent journey. Mike Tyson once said “I’m a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds.” To fly high, to grab that star, those clouds, we assure the wings of fire, fast and furious just like a meteorite.

To reach your destinations, in minutes, within blink of eyes, Metro offers that smooth zestful journey that you would definitely love to welcome new challenges, new dreams and new destinations for life. Kochi metro promises an ultimate solution, from the usual tiring journey through different modes to an integrated seamless smooth transportation facility. Connecting all possible modes of transportation from metro train, city bus, boat service, feeder bus, walkway and even to cycling tracks, the Queen of Arabian sea becomes the pioneer in setting a unique modernized transportation system.

Its rich elaborated backwater network is an added advantage in booming new doors and opportunities in tourism industry and forming an easy solution for local transportation issues. KMRL along with the Kerala State Water Transport Department (KSWTD) studied the possibility of developing an urban water transport route connecting the two corners of the city.

The Vytila station forms the motherboard of the Integrated Transport Terminal connecting bus, water and metro rail services. Apart from all these, KMRL is not just futuristic, but all on its way to a greener tomorrow. KMRL’s vision, anxiety and empathy for the people of Kochi is reflected in the daily responses we get.

“I can foresee the favourable time I will have in my daily routine, once Kochi Metro is on rail. Being a visually impaired person, I’m sure no other mode of transportation can give me the comfort and safety that’s assured by Metro”, Says Rajanish Henry, Vice President, Cricket Association for Blinds in Kerala (CABK).

“I’m a ground staff in Gulf Airways. Our uniform is our identity and dignity, but wearing skirt trousers and stockings and taking a ride in local transportation is one of the worst things to happen. Metro offers the safest journey for us and I’m just impatiently waiting for the launch of our Metro” Giggles Athira N. Nair.

With dreams, expectations, hopes and much more Kochi has already opened the doors to a new tomorrow.


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