Kochi Metro Rail wide opens a game, that’s going to kick start a new era in the transforming city of Kochi. The city is brimming with plenty of resources such as backwater, good economic status, and easy transportation facilities through rail, road, air and water. Kochi marks the perfect platform for forming a major metro Polis and an economic as well as a business capital for south India. It is clearly evident that this great mission is a wide opened gate to the upcoming fortune to the state.

Kochiites appreciate the effort of Kochi Metro rail which has undertook this challenging mission in initiating this grand project that will turn the city into a development hub. Not just from the development point of view but it improves safety by reducing vehicular traffic on the roads, makes journey more comfortable and more efficient.

In addition, Metro agency is keen about the safety and convenience of all kinds of people, including those from poor background, age old people, differently abled and other weaker sections of the society. Metro is all on its way to revamp the city from damaged roads to footways and a step ahead on all the upcoming issues. The most amazing part is, KMRL is not just focused on setting up a Metro transportation, but analysing the capability, chances of development and available resources to ensure proper usage of all these to bring about a great change, that is not less than a revolution in the state.

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