Kochiites, here is that good news which would definitely give butterflies in your stomach. To live a city life like tour days is something we all would love to have and that surprise is nearing with the idea of ‘A Better City Life through Tourism’.

The World Tourism Cities Federation, a non-profit non-Governmental organization based in Beijing and chaired by the Mayor of Beijing is the first international tourism organization to take cities as its focus in the entire world. Now it has invited Kochi, Kerala’s biggest city to join the WTCF Council.

This is simply amazing. Can you imagine living in a city where thousands dream to have a visit? Kochi is going to be a dream city in no time. Gone are the days when the epitome of tourism referred to Europe. Our city is expanding, growing to all possible and well, impossible arenas setting an example to any emerging metros across the world. Just like someone dreams about a life in Paris or Las Vegas, we are nearing to a future where Kochi will be dreamt like a paradise.

The invitation to join WTCF was extended to Kochi following the discussions held between the Chief Secretary of Kerala and WTCF/Beijing Municipal authorities at Beijing recently during the BITE expo. Government of Kerala is indeed honored by this invitation and has decided to accept the invitation. Indeed a good kick to the tourism sector in the city.

Kochi known for its abundant resources and linked to all major transportation platforms like air, water, rail and road is now opening a new dream track to fortunes. We can see more and more investments, opportunities rushing towards this city foreseeing its glorious future and running to become a part of this opulence. Thanks to Kochi Metro Rail for being the begetter of this steeping demand for this city and state. Yes!!! Metro is changing the phase of Kochi that’s well reflected in popping new relationships by different nations bridging to a fresh novel city that we would have never even imagined.

Now the only hindrance against enjoying and utilizing this highly potential land is its transportation issues. I recollect a funny dialogue of a friend, who was rushing towards her impatient colleague. At the next ring on her mobile, she screams even without a hello,” I’m coming by auto. Not by flight’. What more to say!! The terrible traffic jam!!! When we are disgusted with this tiring traffic jam, who will board a flight from abroad to get stuck in our traffic jams. The very ultimate solution is what promised by Kochi Metro – a smooth journey.

Working day and night to that dream, that united mission of a new city, Kochi Metro Rail is all the way to keep that promise. Count down has already started. Get ready for that mind-blowing ride and there you go!!!




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