We do have a lot to tell you; the meaning, reason and the most amazing tale behind our new logo. Kindly give us a break, as we would love to explain the purpose and the strong foundation behind our every step ahead.
Initially Kochi Metro Rail Ltd. was framed up as a company with a single motto; to bring Kochi Metro on rail but eventually we realized setting a Metro rail alone won’t resolve the hiking traffic issues of the city. Thinking beyond the limits was all left to us to overcome this hurdle which is popping up many problems and ultimately a great hindrance to the development of this highly potential city. The more we devoted our thoughts, discussions, meeting on the same we were startled by the idea of making use of Kochi’s abundant resources to defeat this issue.
With a new vision and perspective, a seamless integrated transportation system is what we could suggest and execute as an ultimate solution by linking rail, water, road and cycle which would definitely promise a varied travelling experience every day and every time you are on move.
The new logo explains this, our rerouted mission from setting up a Metro train towards an ultimate integrated transportation solution. Begetting a world class standard for Metro was never a doubt, so we had in-depth study on working of Metros across the world, from Las Vegas to New York and all major metropolitan cities of the world. Logos are usually simple, highlighting the letter ‘M’ making it an icon of the smooth and fast movement of Metro trains that is deep rooted in the psyche of many. Through our new logo, we had reflected this international idea of Metro rail across the world to connect people, prosper their dreams.
The consistency and sense of uninterrupted journey is all we wish to convey through our new mission and its reflection through our new brand identity. The old logo, couldn’t adapt to the new mission that integrated the entire transportation system of Kochi. Thus, we were obliged to come up with a logo that conglomerated all different modes of transportation that is interlinked for you to have a smooth journey. It’s not just a logo, but an iconic symbol of a new era, the Metro era.

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