SUTP (Sustainable Urban Transport Project) has selected the Detailed Project Report prepared for the ‘Integrated Water Transport in Kochi’ by KMRL as one of the best DPR s submitted in last three years in public transport initiatives

Sustainable Urban Transport Project (SUTP) is a Government of India initiative to foster long-term partnership between Government of India and State/Local Government in implementation of a greener urban transport eco-system under the ambit of the ‘National Urban Transport Policy’ (NUTP). SUTP consists of capacity building programmes and city demonstration Projects that aim to induce a major change in Urban Transport in India. SUTP is supported by Government of India through MoUD, Global Environment Fund (GEF), World Bank and United Nations Development Agency (UNDP).

Under the SUTP Programme Kochi Metro had submitted the concept proposal on ‘Integrated Water Transport’ (IWT) in August 2014 and later decided to do a DPR for IWT for Kochi.In December 2014, KMRL commissioned Urban Mass Transit Company Ltd (UMTC) to prepare the DPR. Subsequently the DPR was sent to Government of Kerala for approval. The State Planning Board (SPB) cleared the proposal and the final approval of Government of Kerala is still awaited.

Meantime, KMRL has identified KfW, the German Development Bank for funding the project to the extent of 80% of the Project Cost, which is nearly 85 Million Euro. If Government of Kerala approves, the proposal needs to be sent to Government of India, through MoUD & DEA for approval and clearance for borrowing long-term soft loan from KfW.

SUTP had evaluated such Public Transport initiatives submitted in the last three years (2012-13, 13-14, 14-15) and selected IWT for Kochi as one among the best four proposals. This may leverage KMRL’s vision for “Seamless Integration of public transport modes within Kochi” and foster the prospect of Kochi to become one among the 20 smart cities to be selected by Government of India in the coming days.

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