The civil structures of the Kochi Metro Rail project such as piers, columns, viaduct and the station building are coming up in the city of Kochi.  The Kochi Metro Rail system is a matter of pride for all the citizens of Kochi, and we have to instill a tradition that the metro structures will be maintained in a clean and proper form.

In order to ensure that metro structures are not defaced by hoardings, posters, flex boards or graffiti, the Metro Railway Act 2002 has prescribed stringent penal provisions for defacement of the metro structures.  Consequently, KMRL would like to inform all concerned that these stringent penal provisions, including imprisonment up to six months, will be invoked if any such defacement is noticed, including taking up the matter with the Election Commission in the case of election-related defacements.  Any such case brought to our notice will be legally pursued to the limit.

Consequently, all concerned are requested to ensureparasyame that the metro structures are in no way defaced, on any account.

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