It’s nothing unusual to have facing many issues when aiming for a higher dream, that too when it’s the dream of thousands, the dream of an entire city. Kochi Metro Rail has been working towards this higher goal ever since this dream was born in the minds of few great minds. Ever since, KMRL took over this noble responsibility, with immense pride and happiness, we would like to make it clear that we have kept transparency in every single step we are heading.

Popping up rumors and buzzes of KMRL’s forced land acquisition and violence towards roadside dwellers, mainly shopkeepers have been a daily vexation for there is nothing significant in any of them. Kochi Metro Rail is an independent wing working on par with the Government. Hence, it finds no meaning or sense in manhandling anyone for any of its needs, as government owes complete responsibility of providing all modes of convenience for this massive project.

A bizarre incident shook the inmates in the wee hours of Kochi, where the Sapphire hotel in Super Bazar building at MG road was razed down by strangers using JCB, while its staffs were asleep inside.

The owner of Super Bazar building, Shri. K.S. Katharipally has vended his entire building to Kochi Metro Rail, where the building space was given for rent to around ten traders including Sapphire hotel owner.

Demolition works were progressing in the buildings, which were already emptied except Vithayathil opticals, Vithayathil Umbrellas and Saphire hotel, which were yet to be excavated. Strong directions were given to exclude building spaces, which were yet to be excavated from annihilation activities. However, without the prior knowledge or involvement of Kochi Metro Rail authorities, some strangers have done this inhuman activity, which is illegal, and needs proper police enquiry to meet justice.

We once again wish to make it very clear that we are working towards the welfare and fortune of our city and in no means aimed to hurt anybody’s feelings or materials. In addition, we wholeheartedly appreciate the fact that Kochittes do understand the seriousness of the work that’s molding the city every now and then, which is reflected in the kind cooperation and support we get form you every day.


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