The phrase ‘on wheel’ itself seems like a paradox when it comes to an early morning or evening trip on road, as walking can move us steadily and faster than being on road. This is not just an extract of Kochi, but many cities are beating on the same wild bush. Indeed, we have smart solutions for that, just like what is adopted by Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark.

Not dragging you to the horror scene of Kochi city at the peak time of traffics, but here we go to a morning sight of Copenhagen. Mornings are always fresh and beautiful just like anywhere on earth, if its chaos, troubling and tiring, we are responsible in a way or other. The usual routine of a typical person from a city or town wakes up to get fresh and rush for office on some mode of transportation, usually roads. Instead of taking his motor bike or car, or running behind a bus, he takes off his bicycle and peddles to his workplace, which is their most frequent and convenient mode of transportation.

The phrase “rush hour” typically conjures a mental image of cars and trucks lined up bumper-to-bumper, honking and frustrated at their immobility. The morning traffic in Copenhagen, however, reveals a different scene. It’s friendly and calm. People are neither annoyed by hooting and disgusting motor vehicle emissions, in fact there is a space for them to take deep breath to enjoy the morning breeze and have chitchat with the fellow cyclers. It sounds good and fresh; an exemplary beginning for a day. Minimal of motor vehicles is an essential part that adds to the harmony of the city, which makes it one of the best and comfortable to settle down.

Why we can’t go for a similar try? A good thought to be considered. Foreseeing many benefits and chances of betterment in regular traffic issues, Kochi Metro Rail has put forward an initiative to promote cycle transportation in the city. In addition, it’s perfect a solution for health issues due to lack of exercise in your regular corporate life. Kindly share your valuable ideas and suggestions, for we can mold the future of our city to new dimensions and possibilities soon to become an example for the world to see.


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