Historians say that Kochi is a modified form of the word ‘Cochazhi’ that in Malayalam means ‘small sea’ which itself signifies the backbone and potential of this highly resourceful city. Backwaters that keep ruffling and reminding of its agony and distress in the ‘way’ it’s been used has been a dark side of the city from time immemorial.

But, a simple thoughtful decision and move can save that vast treasure and make it as coyly beautiful as it was with its tender chillness that drifted people to this blessed piece of land. The prudent decision undertaken by Kochi Metro Rail to save and make use of this asset in a way its preciousness is treasured and restored for the generations to come.

When a small part of its backwater is used, which has lacked a proper scientific way of approaching it, the majority of Kochi’s backwaters still stay indolent. Setting up of a water corridor for the Kochi agglomeration area will revamp the idea of water transportation the city has ever witnessed. Metro’s water transportation is getting ready to meet this part with the ever-hiking traffic issues of Kochittes. The single card system under KMRL’s integrated transportation policy will facilitate the most convenient way to move around Kochi city via any movement modes. The water corridor will be used exclusively for modernized boats that will be pressed into service as part of the project.

The decision to set up water corridor is aimed at ensuring safety of anglers, small boats and keeping the aquatic life safe and in peace. In addition, the most modern technology used will have minimal pollution and related issues, which is again a step to conserve the city’s backwaters.


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