Beautification of MG Road

Beautification of MG Road




Even though the idea behind the mission was setting up of a Metro for Kochi city, the root spread out to more dimensions of tackling the traffic issues of Kochi and making the city a preferred destination. The abundant resources of this highly potential city lie obscured, and Kochi Metro Rail is all on its process of unsheathing this treasure. From setting up of a metro rail to integrating all modes of transportation is way ahead of any ordinary policies the city has ever witnessed.

With a new vision and perspective, a seamless integrated transportation system is what which is in the process of execution as an ultimate solution by linking rail, water, road and cycle which would definitely promise a varied travelling experience, an ultimate integrated transportation solution.

As the vision widened, KMRL has undertaken newer goals to change the phase of the city by bringing in pedestrian walkways, reconstructing dismantled roads, setting up signboards, bring back the old glory of MG road, utilizing its abundant water resources by promoting water transportation and feeder buses. The aim lies in bringing the public transportation a synonym to seamless connectivity in the city of Kochi with extreme convenience and low cost for the commuters.

Apart from the ferry service development, the project also recommends developing existing and new access roads providing increased accessibility to the jetties and enhanced mobility within the islands. Infrastructure for ensuring safety and security to all its users by way of active and well-lit streets, CCTV cameras, promoting use of small occupancy feeder modes such as mini/midi feeder buses and electric rickshaws to access the jetties. Promoting property development around the jetties and place making, non -motorized transport infrastructure, facilities and infrastructure enabling smooth disabled friendly mobility, public bicycle sharing schemes including development of bicycle docking stations are also recommended at all the jetty locations.

Initiative is also put forward by Kochi Metro Rail Limited, regarding the beautification of MG road to retrieve the old glory of the artery and commercial gallery of Kochi. The committee framed to carry forth the proposed plan has discussed it with representatives from KMRL, Merchants union and MG Road city cooperation.

According to the plan, the authorities have proposed the idea of limiting vehicular movement to one side of the road so that the remaining space could be be set aside exclusively for pedestrian movement and non-motorized transportation. This will encourage more people to do shopping freely by walking on the street. The pedestrian area, with dedicated walkway, cycle track and benches, can be separated using bollards (short vertical posts). The aim is to bring back its old glory and make it as a destination, other than a passing by space.

The buzzing centre of Kochi, Panampilly Nagar is again in the verge of revamping by Kochi metro rail. As per the concept plan submitted by UMTC the proposed project is consider to have the following aspects:  Modern & model footpath of average 4m wide, dedicated cycle path, drain work on the spaces where it’s not available, utility ducts, street poles & pedestrian lights, green spaces of average 4m wide after the footpath, pedestrian crossings with standards, fencing in canal side with creeper plants, shrubs & tree planting, bollards, road & pedestrian signage, garbage bins.

One of the main advantages focused is a single ticketing system for all the metro routes from rail, water, bus and cycle and pollution less journey, which is indeed a convenient factor that will attract more passengers to prefer public transportation over private vehicles.

In addition, the green initiative put forth by KMRL is spreading across the city. KMRL has moved forward to make Kochi green by planting saplings at different spots, which has altogether crossed more than 2000 plants by now.

Road tarring is one among the major initiative adopted. The strong potholes in the entire stretch will be attended by DMRC using bitumen emulsion, shelmac premix. The damaged road shoulders, the blockage of drain, the unevenness of roads, tile laying, the blockage of inlet holes to drain, carriageway width restoration, removal of barricades, water stagnates and all related issues are seen in this project.

With the enormous change that is happening in the city and the great fortune it’s about to welcome, more and more opportunities are rushing down to Kochi. From tourism to IT, every nook and corner of Kochi is witnessing a wide turnout, which will soon make Kochi a preferred destination of anyone.





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