Getting on the verge of a triumph, after a long way of hardships and tussle add more value to the outcome, well reflected in the numerous smiling faces we witnessed on the flagging off ceremony on the test run of Kochi Metro coaches.
The threshold of excitement was popping in the mind of every proud Keralite in welcoming the metro coaches from ALSTOM facility at Sri City, Andhra Pradesh. Right from the moment the coaches hit the road heading to Kochi to its test run, the dream nearing reality got a higher altitude.
The honorable Chief Minister of Kerala flagged off the coaches at Muttom Yard on 23rd January 2016 in the presence of other distinguished guests. The moment was indeed more than just flagging off metro coaches, but opening anew era in the future and fortune of the city and state.
Kochi Metro Rail has a huge agenda and its reflection is pretty well visible from getting into smart city list to flowing down of migrant folks. A time in future sees a rocking outfit for our busy Kochi, when metro runs through its dome and amazing buildings, flats and incredible architectures keep hitting the clouds. The green city is all on its go to hit the urban, classy, nature friendly, smart destination.
KMRL is keen on green and clean needs of the city, as seen by the initiatives and project often put forth. Projects such as planting flowering creepers on alternate pillars of the Metro and effort against defacing of metro pillars and other structures enables us to foresee a beautiful face of this city.
Nerved and determined, Kochi Metro Rail continues its effort to shape an iconic infrastructure project of the State of Kerala, with a larger objective of establishing a seamless, convenient and accessible public transportation system for the Greater Kochi region.

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