Metro blog

Following the successful trial run held at Muttom Yard, Aluva one could safely say that Metro has emerged as the center of attention for the people of Kerala. The sheer euphoria has seized the hearts of even the harshest of critics. The city is sure going to turn into a hub buzzing with plethora of activities as Metro begins to take shape.

Its going to take the people of Kochi to a zone of comfort, that they have never experienced and also make way for unparalleled development in the areas lying close by.

With the coming of Metro, the journey through Kochi will not be same as before you will be surprised to notice the nuanced beauty of this gorgeous hamlet. It lets you soak in each tiny little pleasure that city has to offer where the reign rests completely in your hands.

Another exemplary feature of Metro is that does not leave out any section and by bringing in priority seats ensures that everyone including Pregnant Women, Elderly People and Differently abled have a pleasant journey.

As the Metro starts to steams ahead, it will be a new wave, and a humongous one at that which is going to catapult the city of Kochi to major heights of development and infrastructure.

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