Kochi – An All Encompassing City

Kochi is not just on the government’s smart city list, but also on the map of many new IT businesses. Apart from being the commercial hub of Kerala, developments such as turning the international airport into a Public Private Partnership (PPP) and upgrading of the sea port have brightened the prospects of the real estate […]

Leading up to the all-important journey

The second trial run of Kochi Metro Rail was conducted successfully on Monday. The trial run was conducted from Muttom Yard to Edapally at a distance of 6 kms. The trial run was conducted three times between Muttom and Edapally. While the speed of the train was 10 kms/hr during the first trip, it was 20 and […]

Greater Emphasis on Rail Projects

    India’s congested cities are awarding new rail projects at a record rate, creating a boon for the sector in the coming years. India currently has about 300 km (186 miles) of operational metro track laid across seven cities in a country with an urban population of 400 million. In a bid to boost […]

Rs.450 crore Union Budget allocation for Kochi Metro

Kochi Metro Rail Project has got an assistance of Rs.450 crore in the Union Budget for financial year 2016-17, as against an amount of Rs.779 crore that had been requested.  The main shortfall has been in the Head of Account – Pass Through Assistance (PTA), where the provision is Rs.434 crore as against the allocation […]

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