The second trial run of Kochi Metro Rail was conducted successfully on Monday. The trial run was conducted from Muttom Yard to Edapally at a distance of 6 kms.

The trial run was conducted three times between Muttom and Edapally. While the speed of the train was 10 kms/hr during the first trip, it was 20 and 30 kms in the second and third trip respectively.

Earlier, In the first trial run which was conducted on February 27th, the metro train traversed a distance of 3.3 kms from Muttom to Kalamassery. The speed on that was occasion was between 5 to 8 kms/hr.

The Kochi Metro Rail Ltd plans to conduct further Trial runs in the coming months, that would act as a lead up to the momentous occasion when Kochi Metro turns into a reality.

Both its successful trial runs have had an extremely positive impact on the minds of people, and Metro has truly become the talk of the town.

With such magnitude and buzz, the Kochi Metro riding on enormous public support is steaming ahead at great pace and will soon turn into a reality and help the citizens of Kochi express true comfort of the journey.

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