Kochi Metro Today

We are at almost every point of our day, immersed in cultural diversity in terms of clothes, attitudes, behaviours, traditions and so on. Kochi Metro surely promises us with a great change in not only our culture but also in our lifestyle.

The traffic gridlock force people to spend more time on the roads which they would otherwise be spending with their loved ones. With the coming of Kochi Metro, the quality of life will increase for the urban population.

Kochi Metro was just a dream for us when we heard about the commencement of the project. But this dream is soon going to be a reality. That reality which is going to change the lives of the people at Kochi.

We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same. Kochi Metro is considered as a people’s project because it takes into account the people’s needs. They not only aim at completing the Metro project alone but also focus on the overall development that is required in the city. With this development comes in a different culture.

Once our surroundings change, we change accordingly. This is why man is considered as a perfect example for dynamic nature. Kochi Metro helps people in Kochi to improve their lifestyle and increases the standard of their living.

There will be people migrating from all around to just watch the beauty of Kochi. Soon the natives will have a sense of belongingness at this city and they will be more cautious. They will think twice before throwing a wrapper at the public place and spitting on the roads. With the promotion of walkways and cycle paths, KMRL also set an example for other cities all around India as a model for the overall integrated development.

Kochi Metro will soon be the Royal ride to take place in the Royal city.

Article written by: Malavika Murali

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