Vacations were all about lazy mornings, comfy couches in front of TV with zero brawn activities. But I have been hearing about Raahgiri coming over to my own Kochi as Theruvulsavam and my folks had keen interest in knowing what it was. Being the one and only person to have experienced Raahgiri in the family I’d decided to take them to the streets yesterday. I had given them a short description about what usually happens in Raahgiri, how it was in Delhi and what I experienced there. With that I warned them that its not even going to be any close to what happened in Delhi CP. But reaching the Shanmugham road with my friends and sibling around 7 o’clock, I was amazed  to see the crowd gather there in flick of a second. Sorry to say, but I’d really underestimated the spirit of Kochi. And trust me it was felt in the air.

The Shammugham road being barricaded from TAJ gateway to Highcourt Junction, where it was open to the public, while the other side of the road was well managed for unhindered traffic mobility. So many activities were taking place on this long stretch of road. There was an amazing Zumba session with the participation on grow till the end.  Lots of cyclists and skaters on road with no age bars were freely riding around. Cricket, football, table tennis, badminton people were on the heights of joy.  A road to themselves was like a dream come true for the Kochiites and temporary Kochiites. No traffic, no pollution no hurries and no worries was the mode the day began with.  The event was not any less concerned about the health of the public. There was a yoga session, a group of dieticians giving of health advices and more. The kite crafting and flying session was one notable activity that took place as the participants were all adorable little ones. The stage was also taken off by an awesome band with all genre of music and a dance academy with their amazing moves onstage, passed the energy down to the crowd that they were off the foot and on full swing.

What I experienced in Theruvulsavam is equal to that of Raahgiri in Delhi and the participation for the event was not by means of any compulsion. By the end of Theruvulsavam Day 1, as I would like to put it, because I feel, people here are ready for the change and have heart for more such days. I wish Kochi could get more of this vibe again.

Theruvulsavam in Kochi was not just an event bygone but a new wave that is passed on to every single person that was present on the venue. The initiative taken by KMRL, reminds that they are not only here for making a comfortable transportation but also giving the citizens a road democracy for free mobility and fun activity.

Article by Malavika Murali

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