#1. For a healthy life

With Yoga sessions, Sporting activities, Cycling and Skating unfolding on the roads a lot of onus was placed on the health of the common man. Along with the spectacle there was an underlying message of staying fit and healthy which was further emphasized by Terry Phelan, coach of Kerala Blasters the special guest of the event who also organized a fitness training. Unless you get your body in order, you cannot command respect thus its important to have a proper work out and take up the message propagated during the course of Theruvulsavam seriously.

#2. First of its kind

It was indeed for the first time that an event of such magnitude was organized on the entire road. It was not just the air of celebration and excitement that people were gifted with; they also got to meet important people from various walks of life. The actor Nivin Pauly who gave an inspiring speech was welcomed with a thunderous applause. The honourable collector too delighted the audience with his presence. People finally got the taste of freedom and paraded on the roads like never before brimming with great enthusiasm. The novelty of such an event was another standout factor for the Kochiites.

#3. Togetherness of people

Theruvulsavam successfully managed to bring together people from various social sectors together. Both young as well as the old had their share of takeaways from the endeavour that was enjoyed and appreciated by all alike. The city came alive again and must have been pleased as punch to see its citizens spring to action on its lap like never before.

#4. Entertainment on Roads

The roads after a long time were bristling with plethora of activities and people were brimming with energy. As a citizen of Kochi, one could feel the excitement when the road was opened up for public and their activities. It will create a major impression in the minds of people and strengthen the emotional ties with Kochi. Even the tiny corners of the road were packed with activity that kept people engaged.

#5. Relief from Traffic Congestion

People desperately deserve a break from Traffic Congestion and with such activities unfolding on roads; the residents can finally have a sigh of relief. The hustle and bustle of traffic would be offset for at least a few hours by a string of cultural and sporting activity that safely unwind on the roads.

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