The Kochi Metro Rail has been ensuring that no amount of greenery is lost in the form of development and has been giving due importance to the well-being of our nature. Let us take a look into some of the benefits emerging out of KMRL and its tremendous progress so far:

1. Reduction of Air and Sound Pollution
There will be a greater reliance on public transport once the Kochi Metro emerges, resulting in a decrease in air and sound pollution. The three coaches of Kochi Metro Rail can befit the needs of at l east 1000 individuals. Causing virtually no amount of pollution, the safe and secured Kochi Metro Rail is indeed the need of the times.

2. Importance on Greenery
The KMRL has taken steps to ensure that the environment is protected. They have set an example for others and urged people to plant more. The initiative of KMRL to plant trees even while ensuring that development stays sure footed on other hand deserves appreciation.

3. Boost in Water Transportation
The most environment friendly nature of travel will see greater emphasis under the KMRL. It will link people to the respective metro stations with the help of feeder buses and make the entire journey, a safe proposition. The integrated transport system conceived by Kochi Metro is truly an ambitious venture that will enable easy access to the citizens of the city.

The KMRL takes this occasion to showcase its commitment at safeguarding our environment and requests you to follow suit.

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