AFD officially announced their commitment on financing the Phase 2 of Kochi Metro and other city improvement initiatives proposed by KMRL including junction improvements and place making. The team also expressed their satisfaction on the progress of the project.

The AFD team consisting Ms. Priscille De Coninck, Urban Transport Expert, AFD Head Office, Mr. Nicolas Fornage, Director, AFD Regional Office, Delhi; Ms. Marine Karcher, Geographical Coordinator of Asia Department and Ms. Juliette Le Pannerer, Project Coordinator, AFD Regional Office, Delhi were in Kochi on July 28th and 29th as a part of an official supervision of the progress of Kochi Metro Phase I.

“We were here as a part of a review of the progress on Kochi Metro Phase I. Since our last visit in April this year there has been a great deal of progress with regard to the construction work and we were even able to carry out a trial run of the coaches on potential routes. We are confident that the commercial operational deadline will be met. We are committed to fulfilling KMRL’s request to fund the second phase of the Kochi Metro and the improvements of major junctions like Edappally and Kalamassery. KMRL’s city improvement projects will receive our whole-hearted support and we plan on drawing up and approving a formal agreement for funding the same by the first half of 2017.” said Mr. Nicolas Fornage, Director, AFD.

“The Kochi Metro phase 1 and 2, the Water Metro and the Smart City project will bring in a total investment of around Rs.11,000 crores, of which Rs.900 core will be set aside for mobility related projects alone. Once complete these infrastructural developments will transform Kochi into a smart, efficient and sustainable city.“ said KMRL, Managing Director, Elias George.

AFD and KMRL carried out discussions on revamping of the Vyttila Mobility Hub and additional support for city improvements and place-making projects. “AFD’s ‘Kochi Project’ is much more than facilitating the creation of a metro line, but the implementation of a vision to transform Kochi into a smart and efficient city, with the metro and its related infrastructural developments functioning as a backbone to the city.” said Mr. Fornage. The 100 crore project for city improvement and junction development was approved in last Director Board meeting of KMRL.

On 27 and 28 July, a special workshop was carried out by CODATU for the civic body officials and personnel of KMRL. the workshop focused on the topic ‘It’s Time to Integrate’ and discussed a comprehensive mobility plan for Kochi. The workshop was carried out by CODATU officials, Mr. Julien Allaire, Executive Manager CODATU; Mr. Hans Van Eibergen, Mobility expert for CODATU and former General Manager of SMTC (Grenoble Transport Authority) France, Mr. Etienne Lhomet, Mobility expert for CODATU and head of SYTRAL-AFD-KMRL-CODATU; Ms. Laura Cornelis, Urban Geographer CODATU and Ms. Marion Hoyez, Cooperation Project Manager in charge of SYTRAL-AFD-KMRL-CODATU.

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