When Kochi Metro Rail Limited was incorporated five years ago, the vision was not to merely build and run a metro but to completely redefine transportation in the city and the entire state. As we stand on the precipice of running our metro project, we’ve also decided that it was high time that we made a few changes to further aid transportation and mobility in the city in the process. It was with this idea that KMRL set out undertaking its junction improvement and place-making projects like Streetscape at Shihab Thangal Road in Panampilly Nagar and the works in the pipeline for Edappally, Vytilla and Aluva junctions.

Following the 3 rd board meeting of Kochi Smart City Mission Limited, KMRL has been assigned as the implementing agency for the execution of a host of Smart City related Projects.The main work assigned to KMRL will be the multi-modal integration projects, city beautification and road improvement projects among others. The first in line of these assigned projects would be the proposed walkway project at High court Junction under Smart City Mission.




The project, which will be the second walkway project for KMRL, is the construction of walkway will be constructed from High Court Junction to Goshree Junction. The walkway will be built under the Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) proposal, with a designated wide walkway, street furniture, proper lighting and parking provision at an estimated cost of Rs. 5.4 crore.

The total length of the designated area, the Abraham Madamakkal Road, is 1.15km. Presently, the narrow road faces heavy traffic due to the inflow of vehicle coming from Goshree, Vypin; Paravur and the immense traffic coming to and from the Container Terminal Road. High Court Junction is the terminal station for the buses arriving and departing to and from said locations. The existing road has a narrow average width of 11m with no continuous walkway all along the road and the existing footpath in pathetic condition with most of the covering slab broken and protruding.





Two bridges are a part of the designated stretch of road, of which one is very narrow in width and acts as a bottle-neck, hindering the flow of traffic. There is no proper bus waiting areas/bus bays/halting areas for the of buses that halt at the junction and this creates huge traffic congestion all along the road. The presence of unauthorized street vendors all along the road also creates traffic congestion due the vehicles that park along the narrow road to buy things from the vendors. The utilities in this stretch are also not properly located.

The impact of construction of new walkway and widening of the existing 11-meter road to a modernized four-lane road is very high, as the Abraham Madamakkal Road is the only entry to the city from North West side. The area is also an important location as it is home to the Kerala High Court as well as the National Institute of Oceanography, the national headquarters of Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Army Residential Apartments, Abdul Kalam Marg (the prime leisure location in Kochi City), and the proposed Cochin Corporation Office, which adds to the importance for development in this stretch.




Based on the site inspection done by KMRL officials, a concept plan has been prepared.

The proposal includes:

1. Widening of existing 11-meter road to four-lane road (16.20 m including 1.20m central median)

2. Widening of existing narrow bridge.

3. Footpath 2.0m wide and planter bed.

4. Street poles and pedestrian lights

5. Garbage bins, kiosks and Modern bus stop.

6. Bollards

7. Road signage & Pedestrian Signage

8. Shifting of utilities – At present most of the electric post are coming at the middle of the proposed walkway and opens spaces. So all the electric lines are to be shifted underground.

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