Mahatma Gandhi Road Stadium

Significance of the Area:

Mahatma Gandhi Road, often called as MG Road is not only a trademark locale in the city but also the main artery and the commercial high street of the city. Beginning all the way from Madhava Pharmacy Jn. in the north all the way to Thevara and the Cenduruthy bridge at its southernmost end, the road is dotted with an alluring array of textile shops, restaurants, jewellery shops and shops selling everything possible from household items to electronic goods, it truly is a shopper’s paradise.


Looking back to the history of the 4km stretch of MG Road, it was earlier known as 70 Feet Road and was famous for its width and had long held its position as prime real estate area in Kochi. Besides the shopping malls, MG road has a number of hotels and restaurants and theaters for entertainment apart from the varying atmosphere at every turn.

MG road

Being one of the most frequented and busy roads in Kochi, positioning a Metro station on the doorstep of MG Road is forsooth a delightful dream come true for the people in Kochi. KMRL also plans to give MG Road a facelift by carrying out its ‘place making’ program in the area to make more pedestrian friendly and promote non-motorized traffic and footfall of citizens, similar to the Streetscape space in Shihab Thangal Road. KMRL plans to convert more than half of the MG Road stretch into a “Walking Mall”, which will consist of walkways, cycle paths, trees, eateries, and spaces for leisure. The metro in MG Road will mitigate the traffic block issues and help people to reach their destinations in mere minutes.

Theme and Design:

MG Road is one among the six major metro stations that has been assigned with a specified theme. “Ernakulam and its History” is the theme selected by KMRL for MG Road Station.

Work Progress:



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