A native of Kochi cannot ignore the news of it being selected as the most prosperous city in India. For Kochi Metro, it’s a double V hearing this glad news. It was in the study conducted by National Institute of Urban Affairs NIUA on behalf of Asian Development Bank, that Kochi got listed at the top of prosperous cities in the country. They ranked the cities on the basis of development in household amenities, physical/finance infrastructure, social and health sectors and community assets sector. Kochi scored significant points in road density, electricity connections, street lights, banking facilities, working women’s hostels, higher educational institutions and sanitation and hygiene.

With the inception of Kochi Metro, a lot had changed in Kochi. The roads were widened, streets were lit and more people got employed. These were the major factors that took Kochi to the top of Multidimensional Prosperity Index (MPI).

In the case of road density, Kochi stood next to Delhi and in the case of street lights, Kochi was found best than any other cities in MPI. In the category of community assets, Kochi has reported the topper in the concentration of cinema halls and public libraries among the smart cities assessed. According to the MPI, around 95.55% households of Kochi have tap water, and toilet facilities are available for 94.62% of the city population. Power connectivity was found to be accessed by 99.08% households, while 87.41% households have waste water connectivity to drains.

Kochi Metro Rail Limited is proud to play a major role in taking the city a step ahead when it comes to development. MPI proves it very well and Kochi Metro has a lot more to bring up that supports the Kochi to stay strong and prosperous.


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