As part of detailing the theme, a mural art work has been done on the walls of Changambuzha Park station, painted by Yeskay Designs. Changambuzha Park station of Kochi Metro is themed around art, culture, and literature of Kerala. Yeskay Designs was selected through a process where Artist Shri. Kaladharan and Shri. K. Jayakumar IAS was part of the selection committee. ‘Mizhitheliyikkal’ of this beautiful art work was held today in the presence of KMRL Managing Director, Shri. Elias George. Both sides of the entry exit structure of Changambuzha Park station is adorned with the murals. The walls of the station at both the entry and exit are adorned with murals. One side is Krishna with his Gopis & the other side is a representation of all art forms of Kerala.




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