Lissie, named after the famous Mar Augustine Kandathil Memorial Lissie Hospital, is the one metro station among the five stations in the second reach of the Kochi Metro. The station is situated close to the hospital and is 500 meters away from Ernakulam North Railway Station. Lissie is the nearest metro station to reach Ernakulam North Railway Station. The location is also known for one of the major landmarks of the city, the Ernakulam Town Hall. This building has been hosting public functions since 1961.

Theme and Design:

Lissie will be designed with a unique theme – Dragonflies and Butterflies. The Western Ghats is home to 174 species of Odonates comprising 107 dragonflies and 67 damselflies. Kerala is an oasis for the exquisite piece of nature – Butterflies. There are about 332 species of butterflies in Kerala. Of them, 37 species are endemic to the Western Ghats. The Lissie station will capture those colorful dragonflies and butterflies from around the state.

Work Progress:








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