The skyway across South Railway track to be completed by August 2018


A major part of Kochi Metro Rail project, the balanced cantilever bridge being constructed across the South Railway Station is to be completed by August this year. The sophisticated architecture involves a ninety-meter bridge structure high upon the railway track, without any supporting pillar. The construction technology, undertaken first by any metro in India, is called Balanced Cantilever.




Structure of bridge across the tracks, between the pillars is undergoing construction. Though there are other metros in India that run on Balanced Cantilever structure, the one at Kochi stands out with its curved design, spanning over 152 meters.



Once the construction of bridge is completed, the work of metro stretch towards Thripunithura will commence.


The structure progresses by bits from both the pillars near the track. A concrete stretch of three meters each is being built simultaneously from both the pillars. At the 14th portion, they will join to form the final structure. This complex construction format is undertaken with precise angular calculations at every inch. Any minor aberration in the construction can pose a threat on the bridge intersection.

 With the structure getting completed by August this year, the path towards Thripunithura will be cleared.

By June 2019, Kochi Metro services will touch Thykoodam.


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